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Moving to Nightingale

I had been using Rhythmbox since a long time. It was perfect for me, with clean interface, synced well with my Phone, had Last.fm support and lyrics support. However, encountered Nightingale a day ago and completely fell in love with it to extent I am switching permanently to it.


Nightingale forked off from Songbird, when it discontinued its support for Linux. My first reaction playing with Nightingale was, “Firefox modded into a music player?”. Nightingale’s engine is based on Mozilla’s XULRunner and Firefox users will feel home.

UI: The first thing impressed me about Nightingale was its beautiful and sleek UI. Most music players with sleek and attractive UI usually have a trade off with functionality. And most players with too much functionality usually end up being ugly. Nightingale puts up lots of things in front of you while maintaining its beauty and simplicity.


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