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Using Multiple Network Interfaces simultaneously under Linux (Virtual/Real)


My system is connected to a college hostel LAN. Internet is provided through the Cyberoam system. Thus, there is a cap on the maximum transfer speed for internet. I had an idea since months to exploit virtual interfaces to get more out of it. For eg, parallel downloads all at the max transfer speed and browsing simultaneously without being affected by those downloads. I didn’t find any favourable ways to achieve this until last couple of days when I came across various pieces which I could put together to get it done.

The whole idea is to create a virtual ethernet interface (which is connected to the LAN) using ip aliasing and route selected traffic through that interface in a simple way. We will be using a proxy server to bind connections to that ip alias as it is much more simpler to configure any application to use a particular proxy server than to set their outgoing interface.

Although I will considering only virtual interfaces in the tutorial, the same technique can be applied to actual multiple interfaces as well. Also, note that there are tons of ways one might want to configure the behaviour. This is another reason why I will be using a proxy server.
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