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Downgrading Packages in Arch Linux: The Worst Case Scenario

Background Story (You may Skip it)

Downgrading packages is a thing i don’t often encounter while using Arch. If something breaks, i wait for it to get fixed and the update again. But this time, the case was different. Late night, after a kernel (or libnl, i don’t remember) upgrade, my hostapd stopped working, complaining about shared libraries. Shockingly, i discovered that my hostapd was still at 0.7 while the latest stable version was at 2.0!(Reason provided at end) So i did an pacman -Sc to remove older hostapd versions from cache, which didn’t change anything, then made some correct changes and upgraded hostapd to 2.0. New problems in hostapd popped up, about nl80211 being unable to set my wlan to master mode. Now ahead of me was option of spending the rest of night desperately debugging the problem or study for the exam coming morning. Hostapd not working is a more serious issue for me.
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