Steam on Linux: First Impressions

Got a steam linux beta invite few days ago via e-mail and thus decided to give it a try.

Steam currently only has official Ubuntu 12.04 LTS Support. But there are ways to run it on different distros. Luckily, there is a PKGBUILD in AUR for steam which makes installation pretty easier. Installation is quick with a 1.4 MB steam.deb download. After starting steam, it updates itself after a heavy >100 MB download.

Steam in Linux starts with a familiar “Connecting Steam Account” box.

Steam Starting

Steam Starting

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Hostapd Python Client

Earlier i had written a guide about setting up and running hostapd. To hone my python skills and make using and configuring hostapd simpler, i wrote a python client for hostapd. I also intend this project to serve as a base for a connectify-like GUI hostapd client, which i will start working on in a few days. This project is nearly complete, with proper logging system yet to implement and fix any unknown bugs.

Getting and Installing hostapd-python-script

Just paste this on your command line.

git clone

cd hostapd-python-script

Read the README.textile file, it will get you well covered.


Help me improve it by reporting bugs, suggestions and pull requests. I have only tested it well enough under my Arch Linux installation with ath9k wifi driver, so reporting working/non-working environments will help a lot. I believe the sourcecode is simple enough to understand and i have documented most part of it. Will document the rest in few days as well.

Thank you 🙂

Redirect TCP connections with rinetd

rinetd is a simple little redirection server which can redirect TCP connections from one IP:port to another IP:port. rinetd is simple enough to set up and run. I came across this while searching for a solution to make clients on my LAN to connect to my DC hub server running inside a virtual machine.
Installation is straightforward, download the source from here
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Nested X sessions with Xephyr

I was searching for a way to establish a multi-seat setup for my laptop display and a monitor using a single graphics card when i came across Xephyr. (Thanks to bodhi.zazen’s post in ubuntuforums )

In this post, I have used Arch Linux with openbox running on my Lenovo Z560. The process should, however, work with all Linux Distros.

KDE session nested inside an openbox session through Xephyr

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Hostapd : The Linux Way to create Virtual Wifi Access Point

NOTE: Although this guide should work in most cases, it is not flawless and still requires few minor modifications to make the process bug-free. Please do point out corrections and changes.

(After you are done with this post, please do checkout my Python Hostapd Client)

I was recently looking into ways to use my laptop’s wifi adapter as a wireless access point to enable my phone (Nokia E63) and playstation portable to connect to the internet through it. Ad-hoc feature may be used to share internet through wifi, but it doesn’t work with many phones and my PSP. I found connectify and virtual router for Windows which served this purpose, unsatisfactorily. Other than the reasons like Virtual Router not detecting my 3g modem and Connectify (free version) not allowing me to set desired ssid for my virtual access point, the biggest issue with these two was the limited modes available for the access point. Both the programs offered only WPA2-PSK encryption for infrastructure mode and WEP and open encryption for ad-hoc modes. Many devices connect only through infrastructure mode and support for WPA2-PSK is absent in few devices (including the PSP). Also, since I am a Linux user, I needed something else.

This is where hostapd kicks in.
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BrainFuck : An eight-command awesome esoteric programming language

I was going through the SPOJ (SPhere Online Judge) challenge problems when i saw this problem in which the aim was to print a line using brainf**k with minimum source code size. If other well known languages were allowed, this problem would have been ridiculous. So i decided to try my hands on this esoteric language. Given its weird nature and limited features, playing with it is quite fun and the best part about it is that it takes you only around 10 minutes to learn this language. Continue reading

Conversion among Data Types in C++

As a Programmer, i have quite often encountered situations where i need to convert one data type to another, especially conversions between int/float to strings. Be it solving problems on online judge or during implementation of mathematical parser or data type to hold BIG INTEGERS (bigger than what a fundamental data type can hold), these kind of conversions are quite useful. Here, i discuss few methods i use to achieve it. Continue reading