Moving to Nightingale

I had been using Rhythmbox since a long time. It was perfect for me, with clean interface, synced well with my Phone, had support and lyrics support. However, encountered Nightingale a day ago and completely fell in love with it to extent I am switching permanently to it.


Nightingale forked off from Songbird, when it discontinued its support for Linux. My first reaction playing with Nightingale was, “Firefox modded into a music player?”. Nightingale’s engine is based on Mozilla’s XULRunner and Firefox users will feel home.

UI: The first thing impressed me about Nightingale was its beautiful and sleek UI. Most music players with sleek and attractive UI usually have a trade off with functionality. And most players with too much functionality usually end up being ugly. Nightingale puts up lots of things in front of you while maintaining its beauty and simplicity.


Plugins: All plugins I used in Rhythmbox have a equally good, if not a better counter part in Nightingale. Unlike most players, installing add-ons is as simple (same) as in Firefox. Existing extensions will most probably have you covered. You have a scrobbler, mashTape, SHOUTcast, MLyrics, Guitar Tab etc. Add-on architecture is solid  and as Nightingale becomes popular, more 3rd party plugins will pour in.

Installing Addons

Installing Addons



Library: It is very similar to Rhythmbox, and it is a good thing!


Extras: A builtin web browser, support for Video playback, sync, skins (Feathers).

What Sucks?

Bugs: Although it seems perfect for daily use, random crashes are not rare. I felt the git version was a lot more bug free, but switched back to release version as didn’t seem to work.

System Resources: Stats show a little more system load than Rhythmbox in my case. However, the difference is not really big. Also, I don’t get heavy disk usage with Nightingale which I used to face in Rhythmbox.

Media Keys don’t work out of the box: Some obvious workarounds are required to make it run, but an out of box support would be great.

Importing your Rhythmbox playlist

Unfortunately, there isn’t a point and click way. I did it the following way

  1. Open ~/.local/share/rhythmbox/playlists.xml
  2. Copy the contents inside your desired <playlist> tag to a new file, say xyz.m3u
  3. Remove all <location> and </location>. Under vim, this is as simple as :%s/<location>//g and :%s/<\/location>//g
  4. Import the m3u file into Nightingale.

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