Steam on Linux: First Impressions

Got a steam linux beta invite few days ago via e-mail and thus decided to give it a try.

Steam currently only has official Ubuntu 12.04 LTS Support. But there are ways to run it on different distros. Luckily, there is a PKGBUILD in AUR for steam which makes installation pretty easier. Installation is quick with a 1.4 MB steam.deb download. After starting steam, it updates itself after a heavy >100 MB download.

Steam in Linux starts with a familiar “Connecting Steam Account” box.

Steam Starting

Steam Starting

Steam in Action

Steam in Action

Steam Big Picture

Steam Big Picture

In short, Steam as a software has been well ported to Linux.

Coming to the games, it is quite limited as of now with just over 30 Games. Only Team Fortress 2 being the Free To Play Game. The problem i am currently facing is while installing Team Fortress 2 beta. The progress bar freezes at end while Creating Local Game cache files and terminates with a “Steam servers are too busy to handle your request” error. Will update if i find a solution. Meanwhile will also try it under the recommended Ubuntu 12.04.

Steam coming to Linux is a great move for promoting gaming in Linux as well as promoting Linux to gamers. Lets see where steam heads in coming days.


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