Redirect TCP connections with rinetd

rinetd is a simple little redirection server which can redirect TCP connections from one IP:port to another IP:port. rinetd is simple enough to set up and run. I came across this while searching for a solution to make clients on my LAN to connect to my DC hub server running inside a virtual machine.
Installation is straightforward, download the source from here

tar xvzf rinetd.tar.gz
cd rinetd
sudo make install

Now, heading on to setting up some basic rules in /etc/rinetd.conf. Forwarding rules follow the format below

bindaddress bindport connectaddress connectport

This says rinetd to redirect all connections from bindaddress:bindport to connectaddress:connectport. It is quite straightforward to add allow and deny rules as well (see the man pages). In my case, the IP of my virtual machine was and the DC hub was running on port 411. The virtual machine was connected to the host via a host-only network. The host, i.e. my laptop is connected to a local area network and has an ip Therefore, my /etc/rinetd.conf has 411 411

Start the server with

sudo rinetd

and the desired shall happen. 🙂


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